In order to invest, you must link at least one external bank account. To link an account, navigate to Profile & Settings > Linked Accounts

Next, you will be taken to our linking partner, Plaid:

  1. Please read the Plaid End User Privacy Policy, and then Continue

  2. Search for and select your bank and personal banking account (business accounts are not permitted)

  3. Enter your credentials for your external bank

  4. If you have multi-factor authentication enabled with your bank, your bank may ask you to enter additional details. Typically, the following are supported: codes via text/email and security questions/answers.

  5. If you have more than one eligible account, you will be asked to choose which one(s) you'd like to link to Domain Money.

Troubleshooting, Tips, & FAQs

I can’t find my bank on the list of supported banks

Not all banks are supported by our bank partner, Plaid. Unfortunately, if you cannot find your bank, there is no alternative method to link at this time. Please try linking another bank account, or check back at a later date to see if support has been added.

Can I link with my account and routing number?

It is not possible to link your account with trial deposits.

The app says that my credentials were incorrect, but I know they are correct.

Because many people access their accounts via an app, banks will periodically ask customers to log in directly on their website from a browser. Many banks will prevent customers from logging into their accounts for the purposes of account linking without first signing in directly on their site. We recommend doing the following:

  1. Open a new browser or private/incognito browser.

  2. Log in to your financial institution’s website using your typical authentication method.

  3. Once logged in, you may notice that your bank is requiring action from you (eg., update your password, choose a form of multi-factor authentication, confirm your contact details are up to date).

Next, try connecting your bank within Domain Money once more. If you are still having issues, there may be downtime with the particular financial institution, or the issue is related to the multi-factor authentication method selected.

I am being told that given my multi-factor authentication/2FA method, I am unable to link.

Each financial institution decides which forms of multi-factor authentication are supported as well as how and when to ask customers to verify their MFA (also known as 2-factor authentication/2FA). This applies when you are linking your account to Domain Money. Please sign in to your financial institution directly to see which types they support. Typically, the most commonly supported are code via text/email and security questions/answers. We do not recommend turning off your 2FA security settings to link to Domain Money.

What banks and types of accounts are eligible to be linked?

Accounts must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Country: US-based

  • Currency: US Dollars

  • Type of Accounts: Checking and Savings

  • Ownership: Customers are only permitted to link accounts that they own.

A note about Wells Fargo, Chase, and Capital One

These institutions have set up a direct connection to Domain Money. If you choose one of these institutions, you will be brought directly to their website to authenticate Domain Money and agree to a data-sharing agreement. After you have done so:

  • You may receive a notification (eg., email, push) confirming the connection has been made

  • If you sign in directly to your bank settings, you will see that Domain Money is an authorized app or service.

  • If you remove access from their site, it will break the connection to Domain Money and you will have to re-link in order to transfer funds to or from the account.


Who is Plaid and Why Does Domain Money Use Plaid?

Domain Money provides a way for customers to invest in stocks and bonds. In order to do so, you must first link at least one account in which you have funds to invest. Building a digital connection to a single financial institution can take a lot of engineering time and expertise. Given there are tens of thousands of financial institutions in the U.S. alone, it simply isn't feasible or scalable to do so on a one-by-one. We, like many other financial companies, services, and apps use Plaid to help facilitate this process in a safe and secure manner.

Is Plaid safe to use?

Yes. Read more about safety and how your data is handled directly on Plaid's website.

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