To Buy Stocks & ETFs

  1. Select Trade

  2. Select Buy

  3. Search for and select the asset you’d like to buy

  4. Select the funding account

  5. Enter an amount to buy. Choose either:

    1. An amount in U.S. dollars

    2. A specific amount of the asset by tapping on the “flip” icon

  6. Select which type of order you’d like to make

  7. Review your buy order, and Submit

Note: There is a $5 minimum order on all stock & ETF trades

After submitting your order:

  • You can view your order status

  • You can view all of your orders

  • You will receive a trade confirmation via email and push notification (if enabled)

Order Type

  • One Time

  • Recurring - daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly

  • Limit Order - Automatically buy if the asset reaches a certain price

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