To deposit crypto to Domain Money, please ensure your cryptocurrency is supported.


Step 1 - In Domain Money:

  • Select Trade

  • Select Deposit > Crypto

  • Select the asset you'd like to deposit

  • Copy the unique address to your clipboard

Step 2 - In the exchange/wallet you would like to deposit crypto from:

  • Select "Send"

  • Select the same crypto asset as you selected in Domain Money

  • Choose the amount you'd like to send

  • Paste your unique address

  • Review your transfer and submit

Warning: Cryptocurrency sent to the wrong currency wallet may be unrecoverable






  • You will be issued a unique address for each network/blockchain.

  • For example, you will notice your ETH and BTC addresses are different

  • However, as some assets are on the same network, they will have the same address. For example, all ERC-20 tokens have the same address

  • Regardless, it is best practice to always copy the address of the asset you are attempting to deposit.

Remember: When making a deposit to Domain Money, please make sure you are sending the crypto over the specified network below. Sending tokens to the exchange over an unsupported network will result in a loss of funds.


How long does it take to send crypto to Domain Money?

The time it takes to send crypto to Domain Money depends on the individual asset. Once your funds have been received, you will receive a push notification (as long as your notifications are enabled) as well as a trade confirmation by email.

How much does it cost to send crypto to Domain Money?

Domain Money will not assess any fees to deposit crypto. However, you may incur network or gas fees to make the transfer.

How do I transfer crypto out of Domain Money?

The ability to withdraw crypto is coming soon.

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