To Withdraw Cash

  1. Select the Trade button

  2. Select Withdraw Cash

  3. Choose the account you'd like to withdraw to

  4. Enter the amount you’d like to withdraw

  5. Select Confirm

Available Balance vs Available to Withdraw

Available Balance

The amount of USD in your account.

Available to Withdraw

The amount of USD in your account that you are able to withdraw. This number may be the same as your Available Balance or less.

Your Available to Withdraw will be less than your available balance if:

  • You have an unfilled limit order

  • You have a pending deposit from your external bank that has not cleared

No Cash Available to Withdraw

Even if you see that you have cash in your Domain Money Cash Account, you may still be unable to withdraw cash if you have funds in transit that have not been settled.

How the transfer will appear at your external bank?

Your transfer will appear with the name “Domain Money” in the transaction detail.


After submitting your withdrawal request:

  • You can view your withdrawal request status

  • You will receive a confirmation via email

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