Once you pass our identity verification process, you will notice your Domain Money Cash Account. This account can be used in the following ways:

  • Initiate a transfer from your external account to fund your account.

  • Initiate a transfer to your external account to make a withdrawal.

  • When you execute a buy order, you may select it as your funding account.

  • When you execute a sell order, your assets will be exchanged for USD and be deposited into this account.

Important Terms

  • Current Balance - The total balance of your Domain Money Cash Account including any pending orders and deposits.

  • Available to Trade - The amount available to trade with.

  • Available to Withdraw - The amount available to withdraw to your bank account

  • Pending Orders - The total value of your outstanding orders, including any open limit orders.

  • Pending Deposits - Your pending cash deposits and sales from trades.

Note: Your Available to Withdraw will be less than your available balance if:

  • You have an unfilled limit order

  • You have a pending deposit from your external bank that has not cleared


  • If you have scheduled a one-time or recurring buy using this account and do not have sufficient funds at the time of execution, the trade will not be executed.

  • Domain Money:

    • Does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals from your Domain Money Cash Account

    • Does not place any limits on the number of transfers you may make into or out of your Domain Money Cash Account. However, please check with your external bank to see if they impose any restrictions

    • Is not responsible for any fees that your bank may charge you due to insufficient funds or overdrafts.

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