Navigate to the Portfolio tab to view your:

  • Net Contributions

  • Total Returns

  • Allocation of assets

  • Individual Assets

  • Strategy or Strategies

  • Recurring Trades

  • Transactions

Glossary of Terms

Total Portfolio Balance

This is the total value of your portfolio on Domain Money, summing up stocks, crypto, and cash. The graph shows a history of this balance over time.


Returns measure the performance of your investments over time. It helps you to understand whether your investments have gained or lost value. All measurements of return do not include the balance of your Domain Money Cash Account.

Net Contributions

Net Contributions is the total value of your deposits minus your withdrawals. It includes both cash and crypto.

Total Returns

Total Returns is the total value (in dollars) gained or lost on your investments over the life of your Domain Money account. This value can be calculated by taking your Total Portfolio Balance and subtracting your Net Contributions.

Total Rate of Return

The Total Rate of Return is the percentage (rate) that your investments have gained or lost.

How to liquidate your portfolio

To liquidate your portfolio, you must sell all crypto, stocks, and ETFs. You must also transfer all funds in your Domain Money Cash Account to an external account.

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