Please note that due to normal price fluctuations, your trade may have executed at a different price than your preview. This article explains why.

For the purposes of this article, assume EXAMPLECOIN is a stock or crypto asset that is trading at $20.

When placing an order, there are two ways to think about making a trade:

1. Dollar Value - For example, $20 for 1 unit of EXAMPLECOIN

2. Quantity - For example, 1 EXAMPLECOIN currently trading at $20

Placing an Order in Domain Money

When you place an order with Domain Money, we present a preview of your trade. Please note that a preview is not a guarantee.

Dollar Value

Choose a dollar value and we will convert to the closest number of shares and then execute your order. For example:

  • If you request to buy $100 of EXAMPLECOIN, we will first convert the $100 to shares (5), and then attempt to execute your order at $100.

  • Due to normal price fluctuation, we may execute your trade at a lower price than your request. For instance, your trade may be executed at $99 and you may receive less than 5 EXAMPLECOINS.

  • We will always execute your trade at or below your requested amount ($100 or less)

  • If you would like to buy/sell a specific dollar amount, use this method.

  • The app defaults to this buying method but you may tap on the "flip" icon to change to quantity.


Choose the number of units or shares, and we will trade the exact number of shares requested regardless of price fluctuation.

  • If you request to buy 5 units of EXAMPLECOIN (currently priced at $20 a share), you will receive 5 units of EXAMPLECOIN

  • Additionally, if you received a preview of $100 for your 5 units of EXAMPLECOIN, while you are guaranteed 5 units of EXAMPLECOIN, due to price changes, you may pay more ($101) or less ($99) than the preview price

  • If you would like to buy or sell a specific number of units or shares, use this method.

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