Domain Money uses Apex Clearing as our equity trading partner and Gemini as our crypto-trading partner. At this time, it is only possible to view your equities (stocks and ETFs) in supported third-party apps.

1. Sign Up for an Apex Account

  • Navigate to Apex Clearing

  • Click on Create User ID > Next

  • Open a recent Statement to view your Apex Account Number - You can find your Apex Account Number on the top left of each of your statement pages.

  • Enter the first 8 characters of your Apex Account Number without any dashes

  • Follow the instructions to finish creating your account

Example Statement

2. Add Your Other Accounts

  • Hover over the 3 horizontal bars and click on Add Account

  • Check your Statements to view any and all additional accounts you have and add them one by one

3. Link to Domain Money

  • Open the service you'd like to link and search for "Apex Clearing."

  • Enter your username and password

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