To view your Account Number, open a recent Statement. Your account number is listed on the top left of each page of your statement.

Domain Money Account Number

  • Account & Profile

  • Documents

  • Statements - If you recently signed up, you'll receive your first statement at the beginning of the following month

  • Domain Money Cash Account

  • Select your statement

  • You can view your Account Number on the top left of your statement, under your name

Apex Clearing Account Number

Your Equities (Stocks & ETFs) are held with our partner, Apex Clearing. To view your account number:

  • Open a recent Statement - You can find your Apex Account Number on the top left of each of your statement pages.

  • Your account number will be 8 characters long.

Gemini Account Number

Gemini does not provide unique account numbers to customers who open accounts through Domain Money. You can use the email address you used to sign up for Domain Money in place of your Gemini Account Number.

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